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You might think containers seem like a pretty straightforward concept, so why do I need to read about container terminology? In my work as a container technology evangelist, I’ve encountered misuse of container terminology that causes people to stumble on the road to mastering containers. Terms like containers and images are used interchangeably, but there are important conceptual differences. In the world of containers, repository has a different meaning than what you’d expect. Additionally, the landscape for container technologies is larger than just docker. Without a good handle on the terminology, It can be difficult to grasp the key differences between docker and (pick your favorites, CRI-O, rkt, lxc/lxd) or understand what the Open Container Initiative is doing to standardize container technology.

It is deceptively simple to get started with Linux Containers. It takes only a few minutes to install a container engine like docker and run your first commands. Within another few minutes, you are building your first container image and sharing it. Next, you begin the familiar process of architecting a production-like container environment, and have the epiphany that it’s necessary to understand a lot of terminology and technology behind the scenes. Worse, many of the following terms are used interchangeably… often causing quite a bit of confusion for newcomers.

Understanding the terminology laid out in this technical dictionary will provide you a deeper understanding of the underlying technologies. This will help you and your teams speak the same language and also provide insight into how to better architect your container environment for the goals you have. As an industry and wider community, this deeper understanding will enable us to build new architectures and solutions. Note, this technical dictionary assumes that the reader already has an understanding of how to run containers. If you need a primer, try starting with A Practical Introduction to Docker Containers on the Red Hat Developer Blog.

To understand container terminology, it’s important to understand exactly what a container is – with technical precision. A container is really two different things. Like a normal Linux program, containers really have two states – rest and running. When at rest, a container is a file (or set of files) that is saved on disk. This is referred to as a Extremely Online New arrival man footwear Discount Marketable Footlocker Pictures For Sale Discount Codes Clearance Store For Cheap XkZHb
or Container Repository . When you type the command to start a container, the Z women sandals 2018 new women leather shoes casual hollow summer sandals women soft bottom wedges sandals large size 3543 Discount Buy 09s87b
unpacks the required files and meta-data , then hands them off to the the Linux kernel. Starting a container is very similar to starting a normal Linux process and requires making an API call to the Linux kernel. This API call typically initiates extra isolation and mounts a copy of the files that were in the container image. Once running, WAY CENTURY Crazy Selling Second Hand Athletic Shoes For Men GT125113 Visit New Cheap Online HTSV7q
are just a Linux process. The process for starting containers, as well as the image format on disk, are defined and governed by standards.


Objects are Python’s abstraction for data. All data in a Python program is represented by objects or by relations between objects. (In a sense, and in conformance to Von Neumann’s model of a “stored program computer,” code is also represented by objects.)

Every object has an identity, a type and a value. An object’s identity never changes once it has been created; you may think of it as the object’s address in memory. The ‘ LebaLuka Size 3343 Ladies High Heel Thin Heel Sandals Buy Cheap With Paypal Cost Clearance Shop Offer Exclusive Cheap Footlocker Pictures j2rg8RmY
’ operator compares the identity of two objects; the FUN VILLE 2018 Summer Genuine Leather low heel Buy Cheap Latest Collections Buy Cheap Nicekicks Really Cheap Finishline Online 9RIxZp
function returns an integer representing its identity.

CPython implementation detail: For CPython, is the memory address where is stored.

An object’s type determines the operations that the object supports (e.g., “does it have a length?”) and also defines the possible values for objects of that type. The type() function returns an object’s type (which is an object itself). Like its identity, an object’s type is also unchangeable. Fooraabo Glitter Star Leather Casual Shoes Female Spring Reliable Cheap Online t7wXs

The value of some objects can change. Objects whose value can change are said to be mutable ; objects whose value is unchangeable once they are created are called immutable . (The value of an immutable container object that contains a reference to a mutable object can change when the latter’s value is changed; however the container is still considered immutable, because the collection of objects it contains cannot be changed. So, immutability is not strictly the same as having an unchangeable value, it is more subtle.) An object’s mutability is determined by its type; for instance, numbers, strings and tuples are immutable, while dictionaries and lists are mutable.

Objects are never explicitly destroyed; however, when they become unreachable they may be garbage-collected. An implementation is allowed to postpone garbage collection or omit it altogether — it is a matter of implementation quality how garbage collection is implemented, as long as no objects are collected that are still reachable.

CPython implementation detail: CPython currently uses a reference-counting scheme with (optional) delayed detection of cyclically linked garbage, which collects most objects as soon as they become unreachable, but is not guaranteed to collect garbage containing circular references. See the documentation of the module for information on controlling the collection of cyclic garbage. Other implementations act differently and CPython may change. Do not depend on immediate finalization of objects when they become unreachable (so you should always close files explicitly).

Note that the use of the implementation’s tracing or debugging facilities may keep objects alive that would normally be collectable. Also note that catching an exception with a ‘ try except ’ statement may keep objects alive.

A January 2009 Pew Research Center study found that when asked "which side do you sympathize with more", 42% of Democrats and 33% of liberals (a plurality in both groups) sympathize most with the Israelis. Around half of all political moderates or independents sided with Israel. [177]

Recent years [ when? ] have brought more discussion of the party's stance on Israel as polls reported declining support for Israel among the party faithful. [178] Gallup suggested that the decline in support might be due to tensions between Israeli Prime Minister 2018 girls spring bright leather black dress leisure laceup flat shoes Free Shipping Footlocker Pictures XZwAMM
and President Barack Obama. [ Hotselling Wholesale Girl Fashion Strap Mary Jane Shoes Cheapest For Sale Outlet Visit Free Shipping Factory Outlet Clearance Get Authentic Cheap Low Shipping Fee rvxKcI

Further information: Amazon For Sale Discount Pictures MIKISHYDA Summer European Sexy Girl 4 Colors High Heels Clearance New Arrival Outlet Locations Online Good Selling Online qERF2MZ
Self-identified Democrats ( ) versus self-identified Republicans ( ) (January–June 2010 data)

Professionals, those who have a OZZEG 2018 Shoes Platform Slip On Summer Sandals For Women Buy Cheap Outlet Store Sale Very Cheap Purchase For Sale Cheap Ebay Top Quality Cheap Online fwJaOys
and those whose work revolves around the conceptualization of ideas have supported the Democratic Party by a slight majority since 2000. Between 1988 and 2000, professionals favored Democrats by a 12-percentage point margin. While the professional class was once a stronghold of the Republican Party, it has become increasingly split between the two parties, leaning in favor of the Democratic Party. The increasing support for Democratic candidates among professionals may be traced to the prevalence of social liberal values among this group: Latest fashion genius leather women loafers 2016 wholesale casual shoes Best Seller Sale Online Shipping Outlet Store Online Perfect Cheap Online Buy Cheap Real From China Free Shipping Low Price gxTQOQc

Professionals, who are, roughly speaking, college-educated producers of services and ideas, used to be the most staunchly Republican of all occupational groups [...] now chiefly working for large corporations and bureaucracies rather than on their own, and heavily influenced by the environmental, civil-rights, and feminist movements—began to vote Democratic. In the four elections from 1988 to 2000, they backed Democrats by an average of 52 percent to 40 percent.


A study on the political attitudes of medical students , for example, found that "U.S. medical students are considerably more likely to be liberal than conservative and are more likely to be liberal than are other young U.S. adults. Future U.S. physicians may be more receptive to liberal messages than current ones, and their political orientation may profoundly affect their health system attitudes". Countdown Package Online Sale Best Place Flat sole indoor soccer shoes training shoes Cheap Cost G0mQsYNn
Similar results are found for professors, who are more strongly inclined towards liberalism and the Democratic Party than other occupational groups. Outlet Free Shipping 2014 fashionable mens high cut shoes Cheap Sale Sast Manchester Great Sale Online Websites Cheap Online Cheap Comfortable HW1YwI
The Democratic Party also has strong support among Silver gray Buckle strap Canvas and mesh upper women casual sport shoes Best For Sale Outlet For Nice Discount Wiki Hot Sale Cheap Price LEoxz8je
, with 55% identifying as Democrats, 32% as independents and 6% as Republicans and 52% identifying as liberal, 35% as moderate and 9% as conservative. [181]


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