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October 14 – 18, 2018

Washington, D.C.

December 11 – 13, 2018

Nashville, TN

Benny Johnson | Reporter At Large
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President Obama gave a scathing critique of the modern Democratic Party at a fundraiser Thursday in Beverly Hills at the home of a mega donor. Obama chided Democrats for “moping” at “cocktail parties.”

Obama , “If you are one of these folks who is watching cable news at your cocktail parties with your friends and you are saying ‘civilization is collapsing’ and you are nervous and worried, but that is not where you are putting all your time, energy and money, then either you don’t actually think civilization is collapsing … or you are not pushing yourself hard enough and I would push harder.”

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, “Enough moping, this is a mope-free zone.”

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

During the Q-and-A session, Obama was asked if he has any regrets over his eight years.

“He almost accepted some of the blame for the state of the party,” Politico Fashionable Cheap Online SWONCO Womens Cow Leather Big Flowers Ladies Summer Flat Fashionable For Sale Buy Cheap 2018 Discount Pre Order Cost Online 67TSfeLnh
, before noting that Obama then blamed the state of the DNC on “neglect” by party leaders.

Obama then admitted that his regret was that people focused too much on him while he was in office.

“I’ll be honest with you,” Obama said, “If I have a regret during my presidency, it is that people were so focused on me and the battles we were having, particularly after we lost the House, that folks stopped paying attention up and down the ballot.”

In his introduction of Obama, DNC chairperson called him the “real president of the United States.”

Obama ended his remarks with a dire warning to Democrats, asking them to stop worrying and get out and do something that inspires people:

“All these people that are out here kvetching and wringing their hands and stressed and anxious and constantly watching cable TV and howling at the moon, ‘What are we going to do?,’ their hair’s falling out, they can’t sleep. The majority of the American people prefer a story of hope. A majority of the American people prefer a country that comes together rather than being divided. The majority of the country doesn’t want to see a dog-eat-dog world where everybody is angry all the time.”

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such that

Define I {\displaystyle {\mathcal {I}}\models } (read in I holds ) as follows

Let K = ( T , A ) {\displaystyle {\mathcal {K}}=({\mathcal {T}},{\mathcal {A}})} be a knowledge base.

In addition to the ability to describe concepts formally, one also would like to employ the description of a set of concepts to ask questions about the concepts and instances described. The most common decision problems are basic database-query-like questions like instance checking (is a particular instance (member of an A-box) a member of a given concept) and relation checking (does a relation/role hold between two instances, in other words does a have property b ), and the more global-database-questions like subsumption (is a concept a subset of another concept), and concept consistency (is there no contradiction among the definitions or chain of definitions). The more operators one includes in a logic and the more complicated the T-box (having cycles, allowing non-atomic concepts to include each other), usually the higher the computational complexity is for each of these problems (see Shangmsh Flower Slides Women 2018 Summer Flat With Beach Latest Collections Cheap Online Sale For Sale gzI4fT2
for examples).

Many DLs are FORUDESIGNS Womens Vulcanize Shoes Colorful Canvas Shoes From China Cheap Online Ebay Cheap Online 2018 Cheap Online Visit Sale Online Official For Sale 3yXUSfDC
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of first-order logic (FOL) 2018 Fiber optic shoes Light up shoes New shoes Discount 100% Authentic NgDSoKyDL
and are usually fragments of two-variable logic or SMONSDLE 2018 Summer Transparent Sandals Thin High Heels Sale Great Deals ZJolXnUKk
. In addition, some DLs have features that are not covered in FOL; this includes concrete domains (such as integer or strings, which can be used as ranges for roles such as hasAge or hasName ) or an operator on roles for the transitive closure of that role. Taomengsi Spring autumn nurse white leather slope cow Outlet Shop VNjWxG

Fuzzy description logics combines fuzzy logic with DLs. Since many concepts that are needed for intelligent systems lack well defined boundaries, or precisely defined criteria of membership, fuzzy logic is needed to deal with notions of vagueness and imprecision. This offers a motivation for a generalization of description logic towards dealing with imprecise and vague concepts.


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